Home Dining Programme

THEME: Unity in Diversity

The home dining programme is Be Our Guest’s signature event where participants can choose to become a guest or a host and bond over having a traditional Hong Kong meal in the host’s home over the duration of the dining period. The programme is completed with an opening and closing ceremony where participants can mingle and bond prior to and after the dining period.

Culture Chasing

THEME: Explore the Experience

Our Culture Chasing Event was a cultural forum held to increase international culture exposure of students as well as join our diverse student body. During this event, we were fortunate enough to welcome 3 guest speakers, Ms. Zoe Chan (Founder of NC Bubble Communications Ltd), Mr. Jean Silipannha and Ms. Ding Yung (Founder of Yan Shang Kee), who presented during this culture diversity forum. In addition to this, participants also joined the Food Hunt event which allowed participants to mingle and try foods from different countries of the world.

Culture Match Programme


The Culture Match Programme was a series of events held during the virtual spring semester of 2020. Due to the pandemic, we sought to provide students with a platform to meet new people despite the trying times and deepen their understanding of different cultures in the process. Participants play games to bond and learn about one another through an introduction of their individual cultures. To finish off, a Mahjong Workshop was held to introduce non-locals to the always-a-crowd-favorite traditional game.